Changeset [28d3cd5ec06a60b8a4824eaa46ac13e41d7108a4] by Paul Davis

May 11th, 2009 @ 01:08 AM

Change exception types for resource exhaustion.

Out of memory is now signaled by a MemoryError Too much CPU time is reported as a SystemError

I'm going to punt on the issue with specifying memory usage limits on contexts when it really refernces the runtime. I don't see a good way to implement it without quite a bit of work. It'll never be specifiable per context, only the api might change to avoid confusion.

[#12 state:resolved]

Committed by Paul Davis

  • M spidermonkey/context.c
  • M tests/
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Python/JavaScript bridge module, making use of Mozilla's spidermonkey JavaScript implementation. Allows implementation of JavaScript classes, objects and functions in Python, and evaluation and calling of JavaScript scripts and functions respectively. Borrows heavily from Claes Jacobssen's Javascript Perl module, in turn based on Mozilla's 'PerlConnect' Perl binding.