Changeset [786f808e62fd0a891ece4d60bff5626e2e1364cf] by Paul Davis

May 10th, 2009 @ 12:49 AM

Add JS_[Begin|End]Request semantics.

This should wrap entries into the JS VM in JS_BeginRequest/JS_EndRequest calls. I've added a debug flag to build spidermonkey in debug mode so that calls into the VM requiring a request fail on an assert. To build in debug mode you can do:

python --debug $(ACTION)

I basically went through and added the calls where I thought they should go and then turned on the debug build to get the ones I missed. Its quite possible I still have some edge cases missing their required calls.

[#2 state:resolved]

Committed by Paul Davis

  • M go.comm
  • M
  • M spidermonkey/context.c
  • M spidermonkey/jsarray.c
  • M spidermonkey/jsfunction.c
  • M spidermonkey/jsiterator.c
  • M spidermonkey/jsobject.c
  • M spidermonkey/pyiter.c
  • M spidermonkey/pyobject.c
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Python/JavaScript bridge module, making use of Mozilla's spidermonkey JavaScript implementation. Allows implementation of JavaScript classes, objects and functions in Python, and evaluation and calling of JavaScript scripts and functions respectively. Borrows heavily from Claes Jacobssen's Javascript Perl module, in turn based on Mozilla's 'PerlConnect' Perl binding.